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PTA - The Friends of Booker Hill

What is the PTA?

We are an association of parents and staff that support, arrange and run a variety events that happen around the school. Many of these occasions are fundraisers, with the money raised enabling the school to offer further support to our children.

Halloween discu

How does the PTA benefit the school?

Here’s just a few of the things that the money raised by the Friends of Booker Hill last school year has been spent on. As you can see it’s been spent on lots of different things which mean the whole school benefits!

  • Nursery through to Year 6 Christmas parties
  • Father Christmas gifts
  • Hardship fund
  • Helping to subsidise school trips
  • ICT Equipment

During the Autumn term, we liaise with the school to decide on targets for fundraising across the coming academic year.

Who are the PTA Committee Members?

During Autumn Term, we hold our annual AGM - which is open to all. At this meeting, committee members for the year are elected. Last year's meeting took place on Thursday 20th October 2022 and the members below were elected. 

Our present committee members with named areas of responsibility are:

Chairperson - Elizabeth Stillman

Vice-Chairperson - Jenny Roberts

Secretary - Melissa Francis

Vice-Secretary - Katy Thomson

Treasurer - Liz Harwood

Vice-Treasurer - Jo Rogers

What sort of events do the PTA organise?

During the year, the PTA organise a range of events. Some of these take place on a termly basis, some are one-off events and some help to gather resources to help us run our Summer Fayre in June of each year.

Past Events

The Summer Fayre took place on Friday 11th July 2022 and was a great success.

Halloween Mufti Day October 2022

Through January 2023: Christmas Present / Jumper Amnesty

Friday 24th March 2023 Easter Disco

Friday 23rd June 2023 Summer Fayre

Other events

As well as fund raising we offer help and support on special days, serving refreshments on parents' evenings, special assemblies, production evenings etc.

We enjoy helping the school and encourage all parents to help in any way they can, whether it be as a regular committee member or someone who can help for an hour at one of our events.

We regularly post on the schools Facebook page about our fundraising events so please ensure you have 'liked' Booker Hill School.

Upcoming Meeting Dates

Your help is always appreciated and ideas are welcome. Please contact use via the school office, speak to us on the playground or via our email address PTA@bookerhill.bucks.sch.uk